When browsing the internet and social networks are not unusual to encounter users asking for bookmaker recommendations. Many names are given as answers. However, Betway is one that appears more frequently than others.

The main reasons for that are the large selection of sports markets and casino games. However, they are also nicely supplemented by the broad offering of different Betway bonus code, which makes the already interesting experience inside the company even better.

In the present article, some of the most relevant bonuses and other Betway free bet opportunities will be tackled in thorough detail. This will hopefully provide a good understanding of why this portal has become one of the favorites among sports betting and online casino fans in Uganda and the rest of the world.

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Introducing the Betway deposit bonus for new customers

Sportsbooks need to give the best possible impression since the very first moment. For this reason, Betway is providing an interesting offer for new account holders, which all new members who join this portal can choose to obtain.

This Betway bonus is usually classified as belonging to the 100% matched deposit type. It is easy to understand what this means. After making their registration process, new users need to make their first deposit for an amount no less than US$10; once this is done, they will get an extra amount equivalent to 100% of that initial cash addition.

To put some numbers to this explanation, people wishing to bet US$30 will get an extra US$30 initially. The maximum amount that this specific Betway deposit bonus will provide is of US$100.

Everything mentioned so far will be explained in more detail in the following list of steps, which will explain in a manner that is very easy to understand how to claim this Betway new customer offer.

  1. First and foremost, sign up to Betway.
  2. When providing the necessary information to fill the registration form, locate the checkbox that says “I want to get the Betway welcome offer”.
  3. Place a check over said checkbox.
  4. Finish the registration process by activating the account via email or SMS.
  5. Submit proof of identity. This can be done by sending via email or uploading directly to the website a visible image of an ID card, passport, driver’s license, utility bill or bank statement. This step can be skipped for now. However, it will not be possible to withdraw any winnings while it hasn’t been made.
  6. Deposit for US$10 or more.

Unlike in other sportsbooks, it is not necessary to insert any Betway bonus code for obtaining this extra amount, as all the process is done automatically once the customer finishes these six steps.

It is essential to be aware of the wagering requirements that come with this Betway bonus. However, they are nothing difficult to understand. Their full detail is available in the bonus terms and conditions of the offer.

However, for now, regarding some aspects of how to use this bonus, it can be stated that users need to place their first bet in odds of 1.75 or higher, in any sport or match that they wish. However, if the wagers are made in each way mode, these odds have to be no smaller than 1.40 in the place part. Instead, if this is a system bet, it also needs to have odds of 1.40 or higher.

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The Betway free bet club explained in detail

This instance is not a literal club in the most strict sense of the word, as it is not necessary to sign up to any special membership or take any other similar action. Instead, the Betway free bet club is a reward given to all customers, without exception, that wager US$25 in one week in odds of 2.00 or higher.

Once this requirement has been fulfilled, those clients will automatically get two installments of US$5 in the following week; the first one will be given the Saturday after and the second the following Monday. This US$10 bonus can be freely spent in the sports wagering area. There are no additional requirements or hidden clauses in the Betway free bet club.

Of course, there are other ways where existing customers of the sports betting section are rewarded. Most of them consist of voucher codes that provide free bonus amounts. It is more likely to encounter them when there is an important sporting event taking place.

For example, if an important esports tournament is taking place, it is recommended to visit its dedicated section, as there is a high chance that visitors will receive a special esports bonus that can be employed in wagering in the said event with no deposit being required.

he same can be said when the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, a FIFA World Cup or a tennis Grand Slam are being disputed. At those moments customers are encouraged to pay visits to their corresponding subsections, as it is more than likely that they will be rewarded with a Betway bonus for performing free bets, as well as receiving odd boosts and money back specials.

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Payment methods for grabbing a Betway bonus code

Users wishing to make their first deposit for obtaining the welcome Betway deposit bonus, or any other customer wanting to deposit or take money from his or her cash balance can employ a wide range of forms of payment.

The most traditional ones include wire transfers, debit cards and credit cards. At the same time, there are many online payment services associated with the bookmaker, whose users can also utilize them directly with Betway to perform their transactions. Among them, it is possible to find PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, EntroPay and many others.

As happens with most bookmakers, deposits are instantly reflected in the balance. At the same time, withdrawals are subject to delays of usually a couple of days long, as these transactions are deeply scrutinized and examined with different security protocols, to avoid fraudulent or suspicious activity.

Get your bonus

Why does everybody want to obtain the Betway jackpot bonus?

This article has saved the best for last as the expression goes. No matter if a Betway customer has signed up only because of the sports betting area, all of them have an ultimate goal: win the fantastic Betway jackpot bonus.

How to get this Betway bonus? Very easy: users must frequently make use of the hundreds of forms of entertainment offered in the casino. They can choose to join one of the very competitive poker tables, play a good round blackjack, or participate in a highly exciting bingo. All of them count towards the overall probability of obtaining the jackpot.

Once a player has been chosen for it, they will get the chance for playing a couple of extra rounds of whatever game they happened to be using at the moment. They will see that their potential reward is increasing, and the chances of winning it become closer.

Hundreds of customers all over the world, with many of then from Uganda, have already won this fantastic promotion, which has rewarded them with thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Summarizing, there are several reasons for which many people want to become Betway members. It can be because of the jackpot, the live streamings, or the gigantic sports betting area. All of them are valid and have helped Betway to become hugely successful by having some extremely content and loyal members.Sign up bonus is here

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